We are so excited to share the most spectacular wedding with you all. Charley was MEEKA's biggest supporter kitting out her and all her girls in not just 1 MEEKA item but 2! The night before they all wore the Athena Pj set and for the morning of the girls were kitted out in Camillo 

Tell us a little about yourselves, what you do, what you love, what is unique about you and your relationship?

We are Charley and James, the new Mr & Mrs Meaney. We live in South East London and one of our biggest strengths as a couple is helping each other navigate our lively, fast-paced slightly hectic life! We truly are best friends and not just partners. We party together, chill together, go on adventures together, share the same thoughts and views, love the same music, food and have the exact shared interests
Charley works as a music lawyer in the TV and Film industry.
James manages a team of engineers at a reputable building services company.
Our relationship is extremely unique due to the way we met. We met on a dating app (Hinge) the first week of the pandemic lockdown, and "virtually dated" before we actually were able to meet in person (very much out of both of our comfort zones!), we had a variety of (very comical) zoom video dates which included both cooking carbonara, making margaritas, watching movies, and games night! After 6 weeks we met in person for a social distanced walk (which was very awkward), but then things moved very fast which we put down to the fact that we got to know each other on an emotional and personal level before physical and life didn't get in the way, we had no distractions other then to fully focus on getting to know one another. We moved in together before the second lockdown and went from strength to strength. In the 4 years we have been together we have done more than others do in 10 years and know each other better than anyone else in our lives.

How did you spend the morning of your wedding? How did you deal with the nerves leading up to the wedding?

The night before the wedding I stayed in the bridal suite of the Hilton Hotel Portomaso Marina in Malta with my mum and my sister. Shortly after my bridal party joined. We had a rail with all of our robes hanging and beautifully displayed waiting to change into. As we had no colour theme other then black, white and a touch of gold I opted for nude pyjamas and robes for the MOH, bridesmaids and my mum and white for me. 
We had breakfast brought to the room and lined our stomachs before hair and make up began! My wedding was a lot later in the day so we had a lot of time and to all of our surprise it truly was the most chilled bridal suite ever! We lounged, chatting, listened to music and had people popping in and out and were just all getting excited together for the day ahead.  We had afternoon tea delivered to the room around midday which was a delightful little addition.
I opted for the Gia Silk Satin Mini Dress to wear whilst getting my hair and make up done. We all changed into our beautiful Meeka robes when the photographer arrived and danced around to the wedding day playlist we had all contributed too. Before getting into dresses we all had a tequila rose shot and we were ready to go. 
On the day I had absolutely zero nerves. I am a self proclaimed control freak and wanted full control and visibility over absolutely everything but on that day, it could quite possibly have been the first time in my life that I willingly and comfortably relinquished control and lived fully in the moment.  There had been a storm in the lead up to our wedding in Malta and when I woke up on the day of the wedding and the sun was shining there was nothing left for me to be worried or nervous about.

Tell us about your special day, was there a specific theme or style? Tell us a little about the setting, the styling and some of your favourite details

We had a destination wedding at the truly remarkable Palazzo Parisio in Malta. Malta was the first place we visited abroad together as a couple in September 2021 and we truly fell in love.  
Some of my favourite details were the flowers, we had only 3 types of flowers, white rose, hydrangea and orchids and had all solid flowers with no greenery and they were a statement beyond words. We also had individual poems with the help of Jessica at the company Wrdit, this meant everyone's place setting was a personalized poem for them that we had thought hard to make so special and they were so perfect and a talking point of the day. 
Music was of course always going to be a priority for us and it did not fail, we had an electric string quartet for the ceremony, then an amazing brass band for the dinner and dancing and they were by far my favourite thing we had, they were incredible and made the evening, when we booked them they told us to not give too many requests and to trust them, at first this panicked me but now I understand why, they read the room and the atmosphere was infectiously electric there was not one person not on their feet by the end of the evening.
Our favourite part was that it was so much more than a wedding day, it was an experience, and a feeling, a feeling that only people that were there will understand and we will always be thankful to every single person for their energy, sparkle, love and joy they brought to contribute to that feeling that we know will stay with every single person forever a feeling that makes you smile whenever you look at a photo, a video or even think about the day. 
The theme song / phase for our wedding weekend quickly become “A Little Party Never Killed Nobody”

Tell us about your main outfits of the wedding day

Wedding Dress - I always knew I wanted a Suzanne Neville dress even before I was engaged. I have always loved how much they flatter and compliment every woman. When I got engaged, there was no need for me to book any other shops or even go to a Suzanne stockist so I could try other designers. I did not book another appointment elsewhere, knowing I would find my dream dress at the Knightsbridge Flagship store. 
I went to my first appointment with my mum and my sister and I went there thinking I would purchase a dress I had seen online. I had it saved for months and was sure that would be the one. I knew I wanted long sleeves, and I thought I wanted something fitted. Then my mum spotted the Conrad (the dress I wore) and suggested I try it....and I had my "this is it'' moment. I tried the other two, but I just wanted to put the Conrad right back on again! I was in the shop for 40 minutes in total, at the end of which I had purchased the Conrad and had all the butterflies I was told you would get. I remember the team saying, "When someone decides that quickly, we know it is the one", and I wholly believe that was the case. 
Suits - James, his groomsmen, my dad and his dad all had their tuxedos made to measure from Suit Supply
Bridesmaid Dresses - The bridesmaids dresses were champagne gold (our “touch of gold”), the designer was Miabelle. 

What items or services did you think were a waste of money? VS what are you so glad you splurged on?

We have asked ourselves this a number of times and there is absolutely nothing that we regret spending money on. If I truly had to pick one thing, it may be the website that we had made which was in addition to invites and updates, and I am not sure people viewed it enough to warrant the time put into it, with that being said, I love to still look back on it even now!
I am so glad we splurged on music, flowers and fireworks!!! 

 Any advice you would like to give to future brides

My main piece of advice would be to trust your gut and stick to what is right for you. Whether that is spending money on something everyone is telling you is a waste, not inviting someone to the wedding even though it may cause a fall out or selecting an untraditional table plan (all real examples from our wedding!). Everyone will have an opinion on your wedding, everyone will think they know best, but it is only you both that know what will make your day perfect. 
Some advice I received was also to make sure you look around on your wedding day as never again will you have the people that mean so much to you all in one place, that is something I took a moment to do and it is a feeling so special. 

Robes - @Meeka_co

Wedding Planner - @sarahyoungevents 

Venue - @palazzoparisio 

Photographer - @frankfarrugiaphotography

Videographer - @ernestvella 

Florist - @floreal_malta

Stationary - @wrd.it 

Band - @brasshouseunit 

Wedding dress - @suzanneneville 

Hair  - @whitneysweaves

Makeup - @jayneilmakeup 

Bridesmaid dresses - @miabelleltd and @confetti_bridesmaid

Bridal Party Tuxedos - @suitsupply 

Bridal Shoes - @sophiawebster

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